Discourse and Identity

Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

Discourse and Identity (D&I), established in 2009, is a research group classified as a ‘competitive benchmark’, funded by the Consolidation and Structuring Program of the Xunta de Galicia. The research of our group focuses on the interdisciplinary analysis of the processes of identity construction in linguistic, literary and cultural discourse. D&I is made up of 16 professors from the USC Santiago and Lugo Campus, 16 pre-doctoral researchers and 1 research support technician. The D&I searches for answers to the challenges of a new society from the three areas of knowledge of English Philology: linguistics, literature and history and culture of the Anglophone countries, addressing the new research challenges of European agendas such as Horizon Europe.

The results of our work along these lines of research are supported by our five current research projects funded in competitive calls, our publications in high-impact journals and prestigious national and international publishers, the number of pre-doctoral contracts awarded each year in national and international calls, as well as by the number of research activities we carry out, which disseminate and confer international projection to our research.

PI: Laura Rojo Rodríguez