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Conference «Transmodern Literatures of(f) the Limit»

The deadline for the submission of abstracts for the conference «Transmodern Literatures of(f) the Limit» has been extended to November 15

The University of Zaragoza and the research group «Contemporary Narrative in English» organise the conference «Transmodern Literatures of(f) the Limit», which will be held in Zaragoza (Spain) from March 30 to April 1, 2022. The conference will take a hybrid format, so online presentations will also be accepted.


Some of the confirmed keynote speakers include Prof. Dr. Christoph Bode (LMU Munich), Prof. Dr. Isabel Carrera (University of Oviedo; research group «Intersections») and novelist and poet Prof. Dr. Mukoma Wa Ngugi (Cornell University).


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